Profile Team

The Pearl Oyster Alliance Team


M. Irham Saputra (Irham)

M. Irham Saputra is a young aquaculturist from Indonesia. While studying for Applied Bachelor of Fisheries in Aquaculture Technology at Jakarta Fisheries University in 2016. He was involved in Student Business Association Activities.

He is currently  working in Indonesia for the pearl oyster farming as the Assistant Hatchery Manager. He is responsible for assisting the Hatchery Manager in developing the company’s pearl shell breeding and doing administration in the Department. Irham has more than 4 years of work experience in breeding pearl oyster (Pinctada maxima) and inoculating marine algael. Besides working in the aquaculture field, he is keen to have more deep knowledge in environment, social and economic aspect, hence, he can work more effectively in sustainable economic development in the rural area.

Suleman (Sul)

I was graduated from Jakarta fisheries university, my major is aquaculture and my current job is a lecturer at a campus in East Nusa Tenggara.

Torang J.P Silalahi (Joand)

an Aquaculture graduated, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science – Sam Ratulangi University.

Lidia Morales (Lidia)

Lidia is current in the journey of becoming a Designer. Outside of her creative time, she is passionate about personal development, connecting with our environment, and working together to help protect it. Lidia has had experience in Marketing, Project Management, and Sales within a business. She is looking forward to strengthening her oceanic activism by volunteering and learning from the partnerships she’s created, like the Pearl Oyster Alliance.


Dr Sarah Ugalde

“Research Fellow (Shellfish Aquaculture) – University of Tasmania”

Dr. Sarah Ugalde supports and manages interdisciplinary and international projects and experiences, with focus on where science meets industry, communication and training, and policy. As part of her appointments with the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at University of Tasmania, she has tackled two of the most recent and biggest challenges facing the shellfish industry in Australia – paralytic shellfish toxins produced by harmful algal blooms and the fatal and highly contagious disease called Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (OsHV-1).

She works closely with multiple national and international collaborators on various projects, mostly relating to oyster aquaculture and the blue economy, and has co-ordinated projects across Vietnam, Belgium, China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and United Kingdom, and the United States. She also works on national policy projects requiring strong government and industry collaborations and networks. Sarah’s interaction with industry led to her election as the first woman to hold a position as a Director for Oysters Tasmania, as well as multiple other boards, committees, and executive positions.

International Members

Sebastian Horbushko

“Aquaculture Specialist /Facilities Manager at Ultra Corals Australia”

I’ve worked in Indonesia for around 6 years in pearling insustry, living in country and visiting from Thailand on business, I loved working with Indonesian people and understand some of the hardships especially during this COVID period. So if I can help anyone from Indonesia that’s in my industry or the local people, I will try my best brother

N. Gustaf F. Mamangkey, Spi, MSc, Phd

“Lecturer and A Pearl Oyster Researcher”

I am a tropical marine biologist as well as pearl oyster scientist, specialize in benthic ecology and pearl production.

Interested in shell and pearl biomineralization, and ocean acidification studies and benthic communities of marine tropical organisms, Secretary General Indonesian Malacologist Society (MMI)

Ir. Mulyanto, M. Ed

“Sekjen ASBUMI”

Pens. Dosen Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan Jakarta

Sutrisno Sukendy

“CEO Nusantara Pearl Group”

pearl entrepreneur

Alief Erwanda Panosa

“Pearl Oyster Enthusiast”

Studied Aquaculture batch 2021 at University of Mataram and has an intership experince at pearl oyster farming.

Gavin Liang

“Aquaculture Equipment Manufacturer”

I am Gavin Liang from China. We are Qingdao
AirMMax Aeration Equipment Co., Ltd, which is a manufacturer
of Roots blower and Aeration tube in China.

Ngurah Yasa


Pinctada maxima spat producer in Bali.

Syahril Ramadhan Matondang


an Aquaculture student

Akhmad Murtadho


Work experience at PT. Paloma Agung 1990.

George Ventouras

“Project Manager”

For more than 30 years, Pearling Technologies have been supplying pearling equipment of all types to all areas throughout the world. We offer all products required to farm pearls, combined with all the necessary services and project management if required.

Yoshua Nobel Siahaan


Fisheries is what I live for. It fuels me to help make the world a better place.

Syarif Irwan Nurdiansyah


Consultant on pearl clam farm and hatchery, especially on feasibility of cultivation location.

Yikai Qian


Currently I’m carrying on family business of pearl wholesaling. I also help Chinese companies find overseas clients using social selling skills through LinkedIn.

My specialties: Pearls; B2B Sales; Social Selling; Revenue-focused Lead Generation; LinkedIn Strategies; LinkedIn Content Marketing; China Market Entry Strategies; SaaS Business Development; Mobile App Product Management; Team Management; Managerial Accounting; New Plant Startup; International Operations Management; Six Sigma; Lean Manufacturing.

Ani Khachian


Ani Tutunjian-Khachian AJP Graduate Diamonds & Pearls GIA and experienced Professional Founder & Creative Director of Ani Fine Jewelry designing Jewelryprenuer known for helping and educating private clients and the jewelry industry to create local & sustainable original fine custom jewelry & wearable art that aligns to life events and experiences & memory. Ani holds a BA Management with a minor in Mathematics & 3rd subject concentration in Philosophy from Manhattanville College. She resides in Connecticut and keeps a connection to the Manhattanville Campus as an annual moderator to the Regional National High School Ethics Bowl and is a board member of the Armenian Jewelers Association (New York Chapter) and CINFUSA Background Includes: • Executive Board Representative of the Armenian Jewelers Association East Coast Chapter (AJA) • The Jewelry Design Professionals Network (JDPN). • Women’s Jewelry Association The New York Metro Chapter of the (WJA NY Metro Chapter) • Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) • Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) • Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA USA) • The Near East Foundation (NEF).